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Anacortes Farmers Market

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happy pups

We are a dog friendly market

We are one of the few remaining farmers markets that allow dogs (and cats, birds, rabbits, hedgehogs and chickens!). We work very hard to be sure both humans and canines are happy and co-mingle peacefully. Please help us by following these simple rules:

  • Use a regular leash, not an extension leash as they are a tripping
  • Do not let dogs pee, poo, or mark anywhere in the market, especially in or along vendor booths.  If an accident happens clean it up promptly.  Do not expect or demand vendors or market staff to clean up after your dog – that’s a good way to get asked to leave!
  • You must be in control of your dog at all times. Some people have sensory issues and are not as tolerant of animals as you are – if your dog seems to be bothering someone be courteous and call them off.
  • Excessive barking and other obnoxious behavior is not allowed. If your dog has become distressed or is overly excited, please take a break from the market until they are relaxed again.
    are responsible for your dog at all times.  If you or your dog violates one of the rules, you may be asked to remove your dog from the market – EVEN IF IT WAS AN ACCIDENT.  While we completely understand that accidents happen, the need to maintain a safe and clean environment is our highest priority.  If your dog is normally a good boy and was just having a bad day they will be welcome back when they are not in the rule breaking mood.

    And remember – not all dogs like the farmers market as much as you do!  Please consider your dog’s needs & personality before bring them with you and if they are not having fun at the market please take them to a place where they will!  There is an off leash dog park just down the street (towards the marina).

Market tokens

Market tokens

We accept Credit, Debit and EBT cards!

Run out of cash? No problem. Come to the Info Booth with the yellow banner and we can run your card for market tokens. These tokens are available in $5 increments, there is no limit and they never expire! Just about all our vendors accept these tokens (and change will be given back if applicable). We cannot give refunds for extra tokens but save them and use them another time (or give them to a local friend!)

If you have an EBT card (electronic benefits transfer, formerly Food Stamps) you may also use your SNAP benefits to get EBT tokens in the same fashion and use them to buy any EBT eligible product from any vendor. We are also so very pleased to share our SNAP Match program with you! Run your EBT card and we will match your SNAP benefits dollar for dollar. It is part of our mission to make fresh healthy foods affordable for ALL.

(The matching funds programs may change slightly throughout the season or from year to year, depending on the requirements of the granting parties. Some have no restrictions, some may ask they only be used on fruits and veggies. We will always do our best to inform and clarify any changes)

Our Mission: The Anacortes Farmers Market strives to provide a premium gathering place for our community to connect with local farmers and artisans.

Our Vision:  The Anacortes Farmers Market empowers the community through the support of local economics by providing outreach and educational opportunities to a diverse public. Together with our vendors, city, public and private partners, we continue to build on our tradition of shared values, promoting health, well-being and happiness for all.

Your support and involvement is vital for our success in serving you!

From our Articles of Incorporation:

The Anacortes Farmers Market (AFM) is a community-based organization developed exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. Specifically, the AFM (a) supports the education of the community about sustainable agriculture and local commerce, (b) lessens the burden of the local government through programs which bring affordable, local produce to the underprivileged (e.g. EBT programs) and supporting local commerce and tourism, (c) fostering community relations, and (d) combating community deterioration through the support of local commerce, especially local farmers.

The AFM is governed by our Board of Directors. The AFM Board works hard to address the needs of the vendors and the community. The Board consists of volunteer members who are elected to 2 year terms.  The board is open to input and strives to communicate openly with all our vendors and the public.

Board Meetings are held every second Tuesday of each month at the Anacortes Chamber of Commerce Meeting Room at 10:30am.  NOTE: Due to the pandemic, board meetings will occur remotely via Zoom for the foreseeable future.
Minutes to all Board Meetings are public and available upon request.

Our Board of Directors

Janet Lowry – President & Community Representative

Johanne Schmidt – Vice President & Vendor Representative

Karen Stewart – Treasurer & Community Representative

Jonn Lunsford – Secretary & City Representative

Heather Burke – Community Representative

Tarie Benson – Vendor Representative

Linda Sanford – Community Representative

The market day organization is run by Faye Litzinger & Piper McCullough, market managers.  For more information regarding the AFM, contact us 360.293.7922 or [email protected]

As a community-minded and managed organization, it is essential that the Anacortes Farmers Market have the community involved in and aware of market activities, therefore our meetings are always open to the public and we would be happy to see you there! For more information on attending a market Board or Vendor meeting please contact us via email or phone.

Thank you for supporting the market for over 30+ years!