To celebrate our 4th annual Pie Festival we are having a Facebook Pie-ku Contest! What is a pie-ku? A Haiku about pie, of course!

Watch our Facebook page for the announcement (sometime in the first week of September)

Write a Haiku about Pie! A “Pie-ku”.

It must be an original haiku.  No plagiarism please.

Follow the haiku form  consisting of 3 lines with 5,7 and 5 syllables each (Facebook can be funny about spacing. Do your best or copy and paste from a word doc).

Enter as many Pie-kus as you wish in the Comments under the pinned post, one per comment.

Vote for your favorites by Liking them!

Winner will be chosen based on Likes and our pie-ku judges, and will receive a cool piece of AFM shwag!

Winning Pie-ku and many others will be reprinted and displayed on the Depot walls during the Pie Festival on September 24th.

Pie-kus delivered or written at the Pie Festival may be displayed but cannot be entered in the contest.

*The small print: By entering the contest you give us permission to reprint and/or use your Pie-ku in  possible AFM marketing*

Here is a collection of past years’ entrants 

2016 Pie-ku Winner- Jack Darnton
Warm sweet smells announce
crusts stained dark by molten fruit
soon taste will erupt

Honorably Delicious Mentions

Pies are delicious
Yummy, sweet, juices running
filling your tummy

Gooey, warm and sweet
Fine, flakey seasonal treat
Breathe in that swell  smell

I’ve eaten apple
cherry sure…berry and peach
all taste like ice cream

Ah how pie flakes de-
sires demand sweet confections
berry lattice…sweet

Piles of whipped cream
creamy, sweet and delicious,
top your favorite pie

Cherry is a treat
Chocolate is just decadent
can never pick one

Pie is comfort food
I only have one demand
it must have whipped cream

Rich flakey basket
Nature’s bounty falls to earth
What else but a pie

The candy of fall
warm smells of spices and all
pie season begins

Warm oven and fire
nuts, fruit, spices play their part
a crust makes the tart

So sweet like candy
even better than brandy
makes you feel dandy

Peach, berry, apple
sweet tart flakey delicious
all pie is heaven

Pie it tastes so right
flavor explosion each bite
want some every night

Forget about the crust
the filling makes the pie grand
always with ice cream

Splattered recipes
Practiced hands knead, roll, drape, crimp
Flakey timeless joy

The toil, no trouble
crust wont burn, fruit will bubble
’tis time, ’tis time, will slice

Mmmm, pie! Pie, pie, pie.
When can I have some pie Mom?
Yummy, yummy pie!