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Many of our vendors hire employees to run their booths during the summer. Check in here for occasional job postings.

We’re Hiring! 3/14/18

Job description: Anacortes Farmers Market – Operations Manager       


The Anacortes Farmers Market (AFM) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the creation of a community-oriented farmers market in Anacortes.  The AFM operates a Saturday Market from May through October, with a Holiday Market in November and monthly Winter markets, January – April.

The Operations Manager reports to our Executive Director.

General Requirements:

The Operations Manager must be available during all market hours throughout the year, be willing and able to work outside in all weather conditions; and be able to safely lift and carry at least 50 pounds regularly.  A good general fitness level is highly recommended. The position requires the ability to work independently as well as inter-dependently with the team of volunteers, Board and Executive Director.


The Operations Manager will be responsible for managing vendor relations and the set-up and running of market on Saturdays. Duties include answering emails and phone calls from vendors, making weekly market roster and map, submitting material for weekly newsletter, tracking booth fees and some minor bookkeeping.

Shared duties include processing vendor applications, organizing volunteers, planning and organizing special events (Pie Fest, Holiday Market), reconciling tokens and alternative currencies, attending meetings. Fridays and Saturdays require being on location, most other duties can be home-officed.


  • Proficiency in email and ability to sort and organize volumes of inquiries
  • Ability to manage large amount of phone calls/messages
  • Proficiency in word processing (Word, Works or Google Docs)
  • Proficiency with spreadsheets (Excel or Google Sheets)
  • Familiarity with file sharing (Dropbox) helpful
  • Familiarity with Facebook and Instagram helpful
  • Excellent verbal communication skills, on phone and in person
  • Strong organizational and time management skills, able to meet deadlines.
  • Possess strong leadership and problem solving and stress management skills
  • Ability to work well independently and proactively as well as in a team environment.
  • Ability to organize and coordinate volunteers.
  • Experience with QuickBooks and Facebook/Instagram helpful
  • Ability to lift 50 pounds, work in an outdoor environment in adverse weather conditions.
  • Basic fix-it or “MacGyver” skills a plus (creativity with bungees, duct tape and zip ties)

This position will involve part-time (20-25) hours from May through October, a Holiday Market in November, and very part-time (approx. 15 hours) during Winter Markets (Jan-April).

Total compensation is $12,000 -$13,000 per year, depending on experience, paid about the 15th of the month for the prior month’s work. Monthly rate will vary between summer and winter seasons. Pay raise and/or bonus may apply.

Position available immediately and open until filled.  Availability before April 14th is preferred.

To apply, please send cover letter and resume to:


Operations Manager Duties in Detail

The OM is responsible for the set up, running of, and break down of the weekly Saturday market. This is a long day (8-10 hours) and requires strength, stamina, the ability to think on your feet, be well organized and have keen situational awareness.

When you arrive on Saturday morning you should already have a market map (made during Office Hours, with the ED). Make any last minute changes and be sure the property is clear (Ex. no cars parked in the way), and in order (spaces marked clearly etc). You should know what volunteers will be present during the day.

You will begin setting up market, placing vendors in their spaces as they arrive. This is preferably a two-person job.

Market Day Set-up Specifics 6am-9am

  • Arrive about 6:00-6:30 am. (After a few weeks vendors know where they will be setting up and don’t come quite as early)
  • Unlock building and door to Baggage room to vendors have access to restrooms and Janitors closet. Ensure all electronics (CC machines, tablet) have been charging overnight.
  • Unlock blue storage container and remove No Parking barricades from curb.
  • Set out large Street Closed barricades at each end of the market on the street.
  • Set up green Information booth and a table first and bring out market map. This way vendors know where to go when they arrive.
  • Set up remaining canopies (Mercantile, Stage and POP Club, if applicable) and attach one 25lb sandbag to each corner with bungees.
  • Set up 3 trash stations with garbage, recycle and compost bins.
  • Bring out Handicapped Parking signs and place on the far north end of the street
  • Furnish Information booth with tables, stools and the wheeled cart. Bring out Merchandise rack and bins. Bring out credit card machines, token trays, back up tokens, vendor envelopes, various clip boards, volunteer sign in from office
  • Carry out microphone and amp for stage, write performers name on chalk board
  • Wheel out tables and chairs and set up café. Vendors often help with this
  • Make any necessary announcements over mic
  • Ensure bicycle racks are out of the way yet easy to access
  • Hand out vendor envelopes. A volunteer may handle this but be sure to set aside any envelopes that need attention or explanation. Particularly new vendors and need instruction on our system.
  • Ensure Cashier and morning volunteer have arrived. Send set-up volunteer home.

    9am – Ring opening bell

  • Do periodic customer counts around market and record the info
  • Act as liaison between market and any Depot events coordinators. This includes weddings, art walks, parties etc.
  • Weather and volunteers pending, set out a Dot survey for customers
  • Check that all vendors have required weights attached
  • Musicians are paid to play from 10am-1pm. Ensure they have everything they need (tip jar, chair with no arms etc). They may play longer for tips if they choose. Write them a check before they leave.
  • Be visible and accessible during the market day. Make frequent walks around market to ensure vendors (who often can’t leave their booths) have a chance to ask questions or raise concerns. Inform the Cashier and volunteers of where they can find you (walking market, shopping, in office) at all times.
  • Periodically take photos and video. We frequently need photos of the music, general crowd shots, transaction shots (especially with farmers), kids etc for social media, advertising and grants. Be sure to obtain permission when necessary.
  • Regularly check on and empty trash and recycle stations
  • Ensure the Cashier and Volunteers have everything they need (keep office locked during market hours), and answer customer questions (volunteers will have this mostly handled by mid-season)
  • Write down any vendor requests (better yet, have them email you), problems, supplies that need ordering, printing etc. Pass on pertinent info to ED or ensure it is communicated during the week.
  • During last 15 minutes of market “patrol the perimeter” to ensure vendors are not packing up early.
  • The ED will arrive about noon (if not sooner) and help cashier receive vendor envelopes

    2pm – Market Close (with volunteer)

  • Vendors may not drive vehicles into the market area until 2:10 to ensure all foot traffic has cleared!
  • Begin by breaking down Café area first. This allows vendors to drive on plaza safely.
  • If you have untrained volunteers direct them to gather all signage and equipment and place it outside the blue container. Equipment needs to be replaced in the same order it was removed for efficient use of space and for unpacking again next week.
  • Collect all indoor and outdoor trash and carry to dumpster at south end of plaza. Compost and recycle is deposited in respective bins, located between grey Car House and boxcar. Wheel recycle and compost bins to curb before leaving.
  • Be sure Amp, microphone and other electronics are stored in the office
  • Make sure all vendors have turned in envelopes and chase down stragglers.
  • Do not remove Road Closed barricades until all vendors in the street are packed and safe from through traffic. This needs to be watched carefully as drivers want access to the Ice Cream shop.
  • Executive Director will aid in packing up of Info and Mercantile booths so that OM or volunteers need only move furniture and bins to respective storage places.
  • Once Info booth is taken down the Cashier and ED will move into the office to continue collecting fees and envelopes and work on bookkeeping duties until complete.
  • Once all equipment is locked away and plaza, street and Depot are clean and secure the OM may depart.
  • A-boards must be picked from around town by the end of the day. City of Anacortes may confiscate any signage left out. Chronic abuse of this privilege may result in it’s being revoked. Be sure all signage volunteers are aware of this.

Friday Office Hours

This is where the E.D. and O.M. meet and confer and touch base as well as:

  • Print vendor checks, sign and put in vendor envelopes.
  • Do complete token count.
  • Print out vendor list and make map for Saturday layout.
  • Charge credit card machines and tablet
  • Put out market A-boards around town
  • Provide ED with any newsletter content for “Managers Note” for Customers news if any.
  • Check in with City regarding and Saturday Depot rentals


  • Place “No Parking” barricades along the street in front of the plaza every 100 feet. This is a City requirement and they must be placed 48 hours before market, alerting residents not to park there on Saturdays.
  • The first Wednesday of each month is the Board Meeting. As part of the Managers Report you will present any pertinent information to the board. This is the time to inform them of progress, successes, challenges, items of note etc.

During the week

  • You are encouraged to make Sunday and Monday your “weekend” but other days are fine as long as this is communicated to the ED and the vendors so they know when and how to reach you.
  • Provide ED with tentative vendor list and Managers Note for Vendor news on Tuesday, including special reminders or anything that needs to be communicated to the vendors. Vendors have until Thursday evening to inform you of attendance or cancellation.
  • Handle all vendor calls and emails, forwarding all the rest to the ED. This requires diligent maintenance and organization.
  • Update the shared Vendor calendar daily
  • Be able to look up basic bookkeeping and fee questions in QuickBooks for vendors
  • You will occasionally need to come up with, and implement creative solutions to problems or equipment needs. This could be tasks such as building a new sponsor marquee, designing a better trash station, creating better signage, thinking of ways to improve efficiency, replacing wheels on the hand cart etc.

Holiday Market

This is a special 2 day event we hold at the Port Transit Shed the weekend before Thanksgiving. Special duties for this event are:

  • Begin registration in August. Be clear about eligibility and field outside inquiries.
  • Ensure fees are collected by the due date (in cooperation with ED)
  • Carefully create vendor map (with ED)
  • Be sure signage and banners are in order and ready to be displayed
  • Communicate with Port and arrange for pick up/drop off of keys, equipment, walk through etc
  • Be prepared to dedicate most of the week to final preparations, loading etc
  • Be available on Friday for vendor set up
  • As at regular market, be available and visible to vendors and address any concerns and questions about the location/building

Winter Markets

A mini version of the regular market, this takes place on a smaller scale, inside the Depot building. Duties for the Winter season are:

  • Regular Friday office duties
  • Reminding vendors at the beginning of the year to sign up for any or all winter markets (submit material to ED for incorporation in to newsletter)
  • Early Saturday morning tape out vendor spaces, hang banners and signage.
  • Organize office space for operating out of the “station” window
  • Set up 2 tables with chairs in the Freight room as an indoor cafe
  • If weather allows, set up a couple of café tables outside
  • Outside set up one trash station, several handicap signs
  • At market close be sure entire inside is cleaned and secure (all trash emptied, signage and nails removed, furniture put back, floors swept and all doors locked)

Other winter duties are minor but will increase slightly as summer market draws closer. Office hours during the winter may be shared or alternated depending on work loads.  A vendor meeting is held each year in March or April and will be presented jointly be OM and ED. Once vendor applications are open (Feb or March) time will be spent vetting vendors together.

Meetings, Conferences and other potential commitments

On occasion you may be called on or invited to attend a meeting with, or in the the stead of the ED. These may be with the City, SVFMC, presentations to local service groups, the annual WSFMA conference or with groups interested in partnering with the market in some way.

Vacation & Time Off

The OM may take off two weekends during the summer season, with advance notice. You must coordinate with the ED in finding additional volunteers (if needed) to cover your absence on Saturday.

Performance Reviews

You will be evaluated twice a year – once in the middle of the year and once at the end.

To apply, please send cover letter and resume to: