Fun Ways to Support the AFM

Volunteer Opportunities

The Anacortes Farmers Market continues to evolve and grow each year and our volunteers are an important part of our success.  As a volunteer you develop a special connection to the market and your community. You will make new friends, be surrounded by creative, hardworking folks, appreciative customers and enjoy the beautiful Depot grounds.  We hope you will be inspired to contribute to your market. Individuals as well as community groups are welcome!

Here are some of ways you can help us as a volunteer:

 Saturdays 9-2, May -Oct & Wednesdays, 4-7, late June – August

Set –up  7:00-9:00 Saturdays, 2-4 Wednesdays (2-3 people)

  • Set up 12 café tables (and put on table cloths of applicable)
  • Put a table tent on each table
  • Wheel out stacks of chairs and set up around tables
  • Put out 2 road barricades and 2 AFM Welcome signs, handicap parking signs
  • Set up stage – tent, banner, weights
  • Set up information tent(s), tables, water station, weights, etc
  • Set up 3 garbage/recycle stations
  • Set up chairs indoors for workshops if applicable
  • Put bins of merchandise in Info booth

Information Booth 8:45-2:00, one to two hour shifts Saturdays ( 5-6 people), Wednesdays 3:45 – 7 (2-3 people)

  • Provide general information (market hours, restrooms, etc )
  • Sell tokens (credit card machine)
  • Sell Merchandise (first shift may set up merch)
  • Assist with occasional surveys and do customer counts
  • Assist other volunteers with signing in

 Take Down 2:00 – 3:30 (2-3 people)

  • Wipe down café tables & collect table tents
  • Stack tables & chairs, store back in shed
  • Collect signs/barricades
  • Collect garbage/recycle stations
  • Bring trash to dumpster
  • Put compost/recycle in bins and wheel to curb
  • Take down stage equip & tent
  • Bring merch bins back to office
  • Take down Info booth, tables & weights

There is so much more to running a market than just market day! Here are some additional ways to help:

Non-market day help

  • Distribute posters, fliers, schedules around town
  • Put up and take down market sandwich boards (adopt a sign)
  • Contribute information/pictures to blog and Facebook
  • Join a committee! (marketing, events, outreach etc)
  • Additional help during larger/special events
  • Possible building/repairing equipment –handyman duties
  • Or perhaps you see an opportunity to help that we haven’t even thought of !


  • Be prepared for all weather! Dress in layers
  • Strong backs preferred for a.m. & p.m. set up. There is a lot of lifting, wheeling and dragging.
  • We are hoping to provide vests and/or aprons for volunteers to provide visibility and recognition.

Give to the Market!

All donations go to support the Anacortes Farmers Market. The AFM is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, so all contributions are tax deductible. You can donate at the Market by visiting the Market Manager booth, or by sending a check to the Anacortes Farmers Market at P.O. Box 292, Anacortes, WA 98221. You can also click the “Donate” button below. This will take you to a screen where you can input the amount you wish to contribute. Thank you for your support!


Other ways you can help

We dream big on  a small budget! We also love to collaborate. There are many projects and programs we would like to see launched or expanded but we simply lack the man-power to staff activities and build structures or lack the supplies needed to get started. The market may occasionally post a wish list of needed items or skills or even a call for extra volunteers for a special event.