Each week we are delighted to present local talent on our market stage. Musicians booked for our main set are typically asked to play from 10am to 1 pm although hours may vary.

Interested in playing at market? Contact us early in the year (Jan-Feb) for the best availability. Our lineup for the 2020 season will be juried.
You must submit a current sample of your music and your sample must be representative of the set you will play at the market. If you do not get accepted this year, please check out the guidelines for busking below.

Remember: Musicians are wholly responsible for understanding and complying with all federal, state and local copyright laws, regulations, and guidelines.

Thanks to the Anacortes Arts Festival for their ongoing support of local talent!


dancing buskersWe welcome buskers! Musicians and other performers are welcome to entertain at market for tips provided you follow a few simple guidelines.

  • Check in at the Information booth. We’ll show you the best places to set up so that your music doesn’t overlap or compete with the musicians on stage.
  • Keep it clean! This is a family gathering place.
  • Do not block aisles or corridors. Free flow of foot traffic is essential to the success of our market.
  • We discourage brass instruments. It is very difficult to control the volume and it can be a little much in a close quarters environment.
  • You may offer recordings of your music for sale but sale of any other merchandise is prohibited. It’s just not fair to our paying vendors.
  • Have fun!