Kids Vending

Kids vend for free!

Children 14 and under may set up a booth at market at no charge. It’s a great opportunity for them to learn basic business skills selling their wares. Popular items have been dog treats, pet rocks, jewelry, photographs, duct tapes wallets, face painting and home grown veggies and flowers.

Children must follow the same rules and guidelines as every other vendor.  The very basics are:

  • You must make or grow everything you sell (be aware that permits are required for baked goods. See below)
  • You must provide your own canopy and/or tables. Canopies require 25lbs of weight on each leg!
  • Market hours are 9am to 2 pm and you must be present and vend the entire market day.
  • Parents may not sell any of their own goods at their child’s booth under any circumstances!
  • Be aware you need to schedule at least a week in advance.

New for 2107 – Online applications! You can now apply like any other vendor! When applications are open (coming soon) you may apply here. You can select dates, add photos and more.


The scoop on baked goods

Kids love to bake treats and other delicious goodies but they are problematic in a market setting. In order to sell anything edible:

  • It must be made in an approved/licensed facility (this is the tough part)
  • You must have the proper Health Department permit
  • You must have a Food Handlers card

These requirements are often not worth the time and money required for a day or two at market.

But what about bake sales? Parents often ask why all the permits are required when they bake for bake sales all the time and it wasnt neccesary. Bake Sales actually have their own rules and permit and must be for a non-profit organization.

However– if they are determined and want to give food a go we highly encourage them to do so! It just requires more commitment and dedication than a once-in-a-while craft booth. In the past we have had kids run successful booths all summer long. It’s particularly great for siblings to do together.

For additional information on permits and licenses see the Vendor Resources page